I used Nuke, Maya, Redshift, Photoshop and 3dEqualizer4.
This is the final project for an introductory Nuke course by Nuke Certified Trainer Carol Novell at CIFO Hospitalet.
I worked on everything from concept/sketch to projecting it in Nuke and set-dressing the 3d assets in Maya, animating the car, simulating the dust, shading and lighting in Redshift. The matte painting was done in Photoshop, and the breakdown editing in Premiere. 
All put together inside Nuke X, including color integrations and some effects such as the heat waves, volume light and flare. There is still much to learn but I feel pretty comfortable with the result, entirely done in 4 weeks.
Probably the main reference was the final scene of Thelma & Louise, and often thought of how nice it would be as an alternative ending. But it was just a thought. 

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