Works done during the 3DDMP training at Technicolor Creative Studios Academy in summer 2022. 
Eight intense weeks with daily reviews and personalized feedback on work related to 3DDMP/ Environment positions at Technicolor studios: DMP, Projections with Nuke and Maya, assets Modeling, Lookdev, Layout and basic Composition in Nuke.
The training was not only focused on quality, but also on non-destructive workflows, efficiency and time management within Shotgrid's pipeline.
Showreel content, in order:
A) Nuts n Bots garage: 
- Set-up projections and clean plate with Nuke/Maya and Ps
- Weathering of cleaned plate and project it back with Nuke/Maya and Ps
- Layout scene in Maya according to chosen topic and storytelling
- Render with Renderman and CG integration in Nuke
- Fix errors and slapcomp in Nuke
B) Power Driller:
- Modelling and UVs in Maya
- Texturing in Substance Painter
- Shading and rendering with Renderman
C) Graffities and damaged bridge archs:
- Dummy models in Maya using provided Lidar
- Set-up projections in Nuke
- Cleanup, graffities and damage in Ps
D) Landscape:
- DMP work in Ps focusing on different masking and edge refinement techniques, besides the ever-present perspective/scale/color matching features on a matte painting.

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