Hi, I'm Marc.
I’m a freelance 3D Generalist. I invest half of my time in jobs for real estate developers, architects and designers, and the rest in creating content for VFX studios, mainly 3D environments and hard-surface modeling.

Since 2016, I have collaborated on different projects for clients such as Play Station España (environments), Coca-Cola (videomapping) and Orange (corporate). These and other works have allowed me to use a variety of software, as well as different working techniques.

I can develop projects from Concept to final composition, or have a more detailed approach following the team’s Creative Direction. I am fully aware that deadlines are sacred.

Whenever I can decide, I use Maya, Redshift, and After Effects. Between projects, I put my efforts into improving SubD modeling, practicing Houdini (procedural modeling, scattering and tool creation) and enjoying nature, with and without a camera. Curiously, this profession has changed the way I see the world, and today I am overwhelmed by the exceptionality and beauty of the environment that we all share.

Films have been great allies for as long as I can remember, and my enthusiasm for participating in the creation of fictional worlds is frequently revitalized. In my day to day, I offer creative solutions to the Real Estate sector (images, 360 Tours, interactive VR, animations). The convergence of these two activities is in the hard-surface modeling and the realistic look; and the only creative limit, in the time allotted to each project.

I love technical challenges and am prepared both to dilute my ignorance (by learning) and to overcome it (by looking for alternatives).
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