Demo Reel August 2021
Compositor / 3d Generalist
Showcasing 5 works using different 2D/3D techniques, and my progress: 
1.2021_The most challenging and complete project to date, aimed to showcase my current understanding of different 2d and 3d techniques to achieve credible results with efficiency. Concept, 2d matte painting, 3d set-dressing, mix it all together and finish it in Nuke was a blast. I'm aware I have lots to learn, but I feel this is a good starting point for a  Junior role. Either as a Compositor or as a 3d Generalist.
2.2021_Spaceship interior. I rendered one frame with separate AOV lights and buttons ID's to animate in compositing software.
3.2021_The most demanding task on this project was to design and draw the tyres marks map in Ps. Also, the matchmove, which definitely has some flaws, but at least the shadows look fine.
4.2020_Full 3d environment for a shortmovie. Actually, I did 4 different shots plus 28 chromas for this project, still under development. Great experience working with Director and Producer constraints.
5.2019_First project where I completed the whole pipeline, from concept to compositing and delivery. This was a huge learning experience. Frome here, I basically follow the same pipeline with efficiency, quality and performance improvements.

All tasks done by me except: some assets, chroma key, sound/music and car rig.

Software used: 
1_Nuke X+Maya+Redshift+Ps+3dEqualizer4 (CamTrack)
3_Maya+Redhsift+AfterEffects+Ps+C4D (CamTrack)

In other projects, I've also used V-Ray, Arnold, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, UE4, 3dsMax, Rhinoceros, Fusion Resolve and, also, Houdini Apprentice for practice.

For Archviz work, please check out: